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About Sukanda Husin

Sukanda Husin was born on April 22 1957 in Pekanbaru. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Andalas University where he has become a lecturer since 1986. He got a scholarship from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to continue his study at Dalhousie Law School Halifax, Canada and got a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in 1990. He got his Ph.D. (doctor in law) from the Faculty of Law at Andalas University in 2015.

As a lecturer, Sukanda Husin has been active in attending international and national courses. For example, he attended One-Year Environmental Law and Studies Training at Dalhousie University, Halifax Canada, 1987-1988, Marine Affairs Training at Dalhousie Law School, Halifax, Canada in 1989, International Environmental Law Capacity Building Training at the National University of Singapore in 1997, and Environmental Law Training for the Trainers Course on Legal Reforms and Regulatory Framework for Integrated Management of Water Resources, held by UNESCO-IHE and in Coordination with CapNet in Brasilia, Brazil in 25 – 30 September 2004.

At a national level, he took part in Environmental Law Training at Gadjahmada University, Yogyakarta, in 1988, Law of the Sea Training at Pajajaran University, Bandung in 1996, Environmental Law Training at Airlangga University, Surabaya in 1998 and 1999.

Work experiences dan Papers

Sukanda Husin has been active in writing books. He writes books with titles as follows:

  • International Environmental Laws Controlling Transboundary Atmospheric Pollution in Southeast Asia, Raja Grafindo, Bogor, 2021;
  • Hukum Ekonomi Internasional: Interpretasi dan Implementasi dalam Beberapa Kasus, Raja Grafindo, Jakarta, 2020;
  • Hukum Lingkungan Internasional, Raja Grafindo, Jakarta, 2016;
  • Hukum Internasional dan Indonesia tentang Perubahan Iklim, Raja Grafindo, Jakarta, 2016;
  • Penegakan Hukum Lingkungan di Indonesia, Sinar Garafika, Jakarta, 2009;
  • Udara Bersih: Hak Kita Bersama, Yayasan Pelangi, Jakarta, 2003;
  • Pemberantasan Illegal Logging di Indonesia, Indonesian Centre For Environmental Law, Jakarta, 2003;


Sukanda Husin has had a wide range of professional experiences. He used to be a lawyer after graduating from Abd. Kadir Usman, SH & Associates. He has been hired as a legal consultant at several enterprises, including, PT. Semen Padang, Semen Padang Hospital, PT. Dempo Tanira, PT. Dempo Group, PT. Honda Gajah Motor, PT. Suzuki Elang Perkasa. He was also appointed as a Regional Manager of Handra Darwin Law Firm.


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In daily life or in running a business, people sometimes inevitably face legal problems or conflicts, both public and private law, whether in the form of criminal charges or civil lawsuits. This also includes legal issues arising from an agreement or business contract that is not well designed. In facing lawsuits or lawsuits or making contracts, people need the expertise of Advocates or Lawyers to defend and protect their interests. Law Office Dr. Sukanda Husin, SH., LL.M. & Partners (SHP Law Firm) was established to protect and defend the rights and interests of people facing legal issues as described above.


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